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Discover the impact of trauma-informed approaches and mental health education through our clients' experiences.

Debra Lefebvre - Nurse and Trauma-Informed Practioner

Meet Debra Lefebvre

Founder of Limestone City Mental Health

When she is not teaching, writing or doing public speaking, Debra enjoys spending time with her family, reading, extreme cycling, and serving on the community and professional boards she is a member of.

Debra is a Registered Nurse Leader, Certified Trauma-Informed Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker and Health Consultant. She has brought together an awesome and engaging like-minded team of health professionals to serve your mental wellness needs to support psychological safety.

Debra has a formidable career in healthcare leadership and practice. She has received numerous distinguished awards for her leadership and advocacy in health, wellness, and equity, diversity, and inclusion. She has been featured in numerous media articles and appearances. Debra is a consultant to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Community Resilience Initiative and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services of Ontario. She is a sought-after educator and keynote speaker who brings energy, passion, expertise, and insight to any teambuilding, course or workshop she delivers.

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Julie Swerdfeger 


Julie is a Moderator at Limestone City Mental Heath. She makes sure all the courses run smoothly and is available to answer any questions. Julie has been in this role since 2020 and is thrilled to be part of a team that is educating so many people on the importance of mental health.

Trang Ho-Nguyen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Trang is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Limestone City Mental Health. She supports the management of the website and supports marketing and communication initiatives. Trang is passionate about mental health and is happy to be part of the Limestone City Mental Health team. 

Holding Hands


Discover the impact of trauma-informed approaches and mental health education through our clients' experiences.

"Debra's understanding of the issues faced by universities as they strive to support employee wellness is remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed her keynote address."

- Professor, Queen's University

About Limestone City Mental Health

Empowering Minds, Enhancing Lives

About Us


Through contact-based education, capacity building, and empowerment, the LCMH team is committed to helping individuals, workplaces, the community, and youth and youth-serving agencies help themselves and others in mental health distress with evidence-based skills and tools. We offer mental health first aid courses and workshops and seminars focused on mental health, as well as workplace assessments and strategies to support psychological safety.

Our Mission


To make meaningful contributions to the wellness of all people at home, in the community, and the workplace through Mental Health and Psychological Safety awareness, understanding, training, and other effective tools and strategies.  We are focused on improving Mental Health and Wellness in the community and workplace. Our approach includes Mental Health and Well-being training, workshops, seminars, and public speaking engagements. 

Our Vision


Every person is entitled to live, work and play in environments that support good mental health.

Our Values


Integrity: We are clear in our words and actions and intend to do the right things for the right reasons to benefit all people.

Inclusion: Every person has the right to be heard, validated, and part of the team.

Diversity: We believe uniqueness is powerful so be yourself. We like it that way.

Quality: We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Collaboration: We are committed to engaging our clients in good faith as trusted and valued partners.

Accessibility: We believe everyone can help reduce stigma and have a good understanding of mental health.

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